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UK Court grants Vijay Mallya permission to spend £18,000 a week!

While in the eyes of the Indian laws, its enforcing agencies, the banks that had granted him or his defunct Kingfisher Airlines an offender, alleged criminal, defaulter or whatever name one can choose to describe, the UK court, at least, as of now does not seem to be bothered by that.

The proof of this in its granting permission to increase his weekly living allowance from £5,000 (Rs 4.5 lakh) to £18,325 (Rs 16 lakh) hold your breath, a WEEK.

Mallya has gone a step ahead by applying to have the ‘freeze’ against the ‘global assets’ discharged.

In defense of him, Sarosh Zaiwalla, a senior partner at Zaiwalla & Co, LLP London has gone on record by saying, “If he is used to a luxury lifestyle then the court will not suddenly make him live on £200 (Rs 17,000) a week,” We should not mind the fact that his weekly allowance equates to the average annual salary of a British school leaver.

Even though the high court in London had increased the allowance, for the present, it has refrained from revoking the freeze order on his global assets. However, it is left to anybody’s guess what view the court would take on his appeal to release this freeze.

The moral of the story is for those who can do so, it is not unfair to take massive loans from the Indian Banks, convert the loans into assets outside the country in any safe heaven, leave the country and claim that as assets as though they were earned out of sweat.
Swiftness and execution have different connotations for different classes of people. While the banks have to keep counting the NPAs, the Reserve Bank is busy is redefining the NPA norms and the government talks tough in theory but in reality has been thinking of recapitilising with instruments, which has been going in circles, like the business cycles.


Aadhaar hardships

Headlines:Supreme Court extends Aadhaar linking indefinitely

In a move that could bring in relief for several thousands of account holders who otherwise could have complied with KYC norms but are being bothered with nags and headaches!

According to the flash news appearing in the TV and media, the Supreme Court is reported to have declared mandatory #Aadhaar linking with the banks accounts and mobile phones would stand extended indefinitely until it pronounces its judgment.

The five-judge Constitution bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, further went on to say the government cannot insist for mandatory #Aadhaar.

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>GST Council

GST bits and bites



Reverse Charges Mechanism, (RCM) deferred until July, 2018

The GST Council meet, chaired by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, deferred the reverse charge mechanism until, 1st July 2018.

E-Way Bill to be rolled out in staggered manner wef 15th April 2018

The Council approved a staggered roll out the intra-state e-Way Bill from 15th April, 2018. For this purpose, the states are divided into four lots; Karnatka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are likely to initiate the roll out.

Simplification of returns: Presentations made

In the GoM meeting, the Centre and state officials presented their model for return simplification, while Nandan Nilekani also made his presentation.

The idea is GST return form should be simplified and in the opinion of Sushil Modi, it should ideally be one return every month, Modi had said.


Chandigarh and Punjab GST Department conducted raids on Business premises to see if the GSTIN No is visible on Sign board of the Business premises. Notice can be issued if the GSTIN No is not mentioned on Signboard and on Front door of Business premises U/s 125 of CGST Act 2017 and the penalty under this Section can be up to 25,000/-

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Harassment of Brahmins : approach for legal remedy

Dear Friends

A supportive message recived & shared with gratitude and appreciation!

Pl forward this important info to send a stern message to harassers!

If anyone knows contact of the Brahmin whose scared thread (poonal) was cut and harassed, PL contact me and I can extend all my support & fight for justice.

With Warm Regards
Your friend,

Dr. S K Saamy
Supreme Court of India


Chairman cum Editor in Chief – World Human Rights Commission and Rescue Center


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Supreme Court of India allows Passive euthanasia: What it means?

In a judgment that is considered to be historical, the Supreme Court of India on Friday, (9/3/2018) allowed a ‘living will’ termed otherwise as ‘advance directive’, made by terminally-ill patients for passive euthanasia legal, with which the court also had  prescribed strict guidelines on who can do that, when, and how.

Passive euthanasia relates to a condition where there is withdrawal of medical treatment with the deliberate intention to hasten the death of a terminally-ill patient.

Such patients can now opt for in a legal manner wherein the death occurs
because the doctors either do or do not carryout something to keep a patient alive or stop something that would keep them alive. They might include:

switching off life-support machines

disconnecting a feeding tube

not carrying out a life-extending operation

not administering life-extending drugs

A medical board would be set up to determine and carry out any ‘advance directive’, the court said.

In cases where there is no ‘advance directive’, the patient’s family member or next of friend can approach a high court to seek passive euthanasia.

From preliminary reading of the judgemental for a lay man like three points crop up:

Who will decide the constitution of the medical board? If it is going to be in the hospital where the patient is undergoing, would there be a fair decision as that involves loss of revenue (in many cases) to the hopsital. If they say no, to whom one should go for appeal?

Will approaching the High Court not prove costly to the otherwise traumatized patient/family? If the patient is in coma who would approach the court?

What is the mechanism for the courts to prevent the obtaining of such ‘living wills’ under coercion?

These are the moot points, which in course of time, the court may take up and find solutions. That’s to say these hiccups can not in any dilute the importance of this landmark judgment.














Aadhaar linking deadline may be extended

The news that the central government in principle may not be averse to extend the Aadhhar deadline to link the card to bank accounts, mobile phones, etc may sound to be a welcome news but it appears that it may be one strategy it may be adopting while from the back doors, it may be increasing the pressure on the institutions to speed it up.

First this is what the attorney general of India KK Venugopal submitted before a constitution bench led by Chief Justice, Dipak Mishra, hearing a batch of petitions against the Aadhaar law:

“We have extended the deadline in the past too. We can do it again”.

He further stated that the Centre might extend the deadline for the reason that the case is not likely to decided before 31st March 2018.

Senior counsel Shyam Divan, Arvind Datar made such a request on the ground the case is not likely to be decided before the expiry of the deadline. Datar argued that making Aadhaar mandatory is not legal and the state cannot contend that ‘one billion’ account holders in the country are to be suspected. Prior to the opening of the accounts, each customer has provided the Know Your Customer,(KYC)prior to opening of the bank account.

He pointed out a contradiction and conflict between different acts by citing one example. While Aadhaar Act confers the right to every citizen to have an unique identity number, (UIN), the Prevention of Money Laundering Act makes a citizen duty to bound to secure an Aadhaar. According to him, what is right under one Act cannot be deemed a duty under another act.

So far only three lawyers have completed their arguments and five more are yet to even open their arguments. To this the Central Government, UIDAI, the governments of Gujarat and Maharashtra would have to respond.

Incidentally, Mr. P. Chidambaram who is currently battling the fall out arising out of the arrest of his son Karthy is also slotted to argue(on Wednesday) on the ground that passing it in the Parliament as a ‘Money Bill” itself is wrong.

However, while the attorney general’s tone is conciliatory, according to a report broadcast in one of the English TV channels, stated that the authorities in the Central Government are pushing the bankers to complete this faster.

There is however no authenticity about the report.

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Karti Chidambaram case & Arrest: Indrani spoke of $7L bribe, opinion

Karti Chidambaram case & Arrest: Indrani spoke of $7L bribe

Indrani Mukerjea, the erstwhile owner of the television company INX Media, now at the heart of the CBI case against Karti Chidambaram is reported to have told the Enforcement Directorate that she and Peter Mukerjea had met former Union Minister P Chidambaram to seek government approval to foreign investment proposals worth around Rs. 300 crore in the company.

Ms Mukerjea in a separate statement to the CBI that was recorded before a magistrate is again reported to have linked the former Union Finance Minister to the CBI case filed against Karti Chidambaram.

This is said to have resulted in his arrest on Wednesday morning, ( 28th Feb 2018), when he landed at the Chennai Airport returning from London.

The CBI alleges Karti received kickbacks in 2007 to clear the foreign investment by using the influence of his father, Chidambaram, who was then the Union Finance Minister.

At that time, the INX Media was owned by Peter and Indrani Mukerjea. The couple are in jail since 2015 on being charged with the murder of her daughter Sheena Bora since 2015.

NDTV reports that investigators have confirmed to them that the Ms. Mukerjea confirmed the payment of $700000 in her statement recorded before the magistrate. NDTV further reports that it has accessed the invoices which the investigating agencies claim to be the proof of the payments made to Karti Chidambaram. The investigating agencies claim they got the invoices after they had effected the arrest of Karti’s chartered accountant two weeks ago.

The former Union Minister, Chidambaram and his son Karti have denied the allegations, terming it a case of “political vendetta”. Their defense is that it was Mr Chidambaram, who as Finance Minister in 2013, had first ordered a probe by the Serious Frauds Office into allegations against the INX Group.

It’s going to take years before the real truth comes out!

Photo Source: Hindustan Times.

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Nirav Modi & PNB Scam:this parody song echoes feelings of Indians

Short and bitter!Perhaps, that’s how this song represents the feelings of Indians after the mega PNB Scam.

Disclaimer: We do not own the copyright to the video! Credit: https://www.siasat.com/…/nirav-modi-parody-song-narrates-indians-feeling-pnb-scam

We do not know how many more are in the offing! Today, one more has come out with the Oriental Bank of Commerce loan to Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd, in  which  the CBI has also booked  the son-in-law of Punjab Chief Minister,  Amarinder Singh.

Additional Disclaimer: We do not own the copyright to the image!